Our carpet eifel is now shown at Sandra´s lovely
store "3-ZIMMERKÜCHEBAD" in Essen - it's worth it!


13/01/ - 19/01/2014
halloessen back in cologne - visit us at designers fair 2014!


11/04/ - 12/05/2013
Hello Dortmund - thank you Heimatdesign!


09/04/ - 14/04/2013
poki in milano at Ventura Lambrate 2013! See you!


halloessen on tour in Bochum at the Creative Stage Ruhr. We really enjoyed it!
(Photo: Stadt Bochum, Presseamt)


29/06/ - 08/07/2012
halloessen on tour in Dortmund -
Designers Fair Satellit 2012! It would give us a great pleasure to welcoming you!


Back in Essen - thank you Designers Fair 2012,
thank you Heimatdesigen for the fantastic fair. We really enjoyed it!


First impressions from Designers Fair 2012.


Merry christmas and a happy new year!


halloessen @ cologne. You are more than welcome to visit us!


14/10/ - 16/10/2011
Blickfang Vienna 2011: Thank you Vienna, thank you blickfang -
we really enjoyed the fair!


halloessen is going to Vienna.
According to the fair "blickfang" in October the 14th - 16th 2011 we will present our new designs.
It would give us a great pleasure to welcoming you!


08/02/ - 12/02/2011
halloessen at Greenhouse 2011. This year's Greenhouse we presented our first products together with our swedish friends the Kontor Kontur from Gothenburg. We showed an artful interplay of experimental Design in the fields of textile, lighting and furniture design. Kontor Kontur designed four textile panels that form an ensemble and a still life.


See you!